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​Hi, I'm Mindy McHale, I am a certified personal trainer, an experienced group fitness instructor and the owner of StrongerNow Studio, a women-focused wellness community.

I create safe spaces where women can become stronger. I know from my own personal and professional experience that women face particular obstacles when it comes to working out AND that working out helps them better cope with their unique life challenges and transitions. I want to offer the sense of safety, support and freedom that an all-women community fosters.​​

  • Certified as a personal trainer through ACE (American Council on Exercise)

  • WIFA (Women in Fitness Association) member and graduate of Speaker Academy

  • Professionally insured

  • CPR/AED certified ​

My Mission

I offer a radical change in how you may have used fitness in the past.


By releasing yourself from fitness industry and societal messaging about what you should look like, you can break the cycle of punitive exercise and the negative thoughts and behaviors that have may have caused you to feel stuck, stressed and inadequate.

  • I emphasize proper technique and form and mindful movement so you can feel confident about yourself whether you are working out in the gym, engaging in your favorite recreational activity or just carrying groceries into your house.

  • I encourage you to always listen to your body and to move with knowledge and loving kindness for yourself, now and into the future. This is real power!

  • I collaborate with other women professionals to offer information and events for women to help them achieve health goals in other areas of their lives​​.

More about Me

I believe that laughter is key to a happy and hopeful life. I am fortunate to perform in the local comedy community in my off-time. My husband is also a comedy performer - that's how we met!

I am the proud parent of two adult children. My daughter is my unplug, just-be, self-care inspiration. ​My son passed away in December 2017 of an accidental drug overdose, just shy of his 24th birthday. We honor his memory with a scholarship fund in his name that helps perpetuate service among young people.

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