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Curiosity is a Power Move

Curiosity is the theme of StrongerNow for 2023!

Simply put, curiosity is a learning tool which involves asking questions while having an openness to answers. When it comes to your fitness routine, curiosity is an exercise that is just as important to your fitness as anything else you do. Curiosity can help build your confidence and satisfaction when you train. However, you may have experienced confusion when asking questions in the fitness and diet culture realm. That is because this industry profits from your befuddlement. Be mindful of your headspace when asking questions. Are you curious or confused? Asking "What do I need to do?" in a state of confusion is frantic, scared, frustrated. The same question asked out of curiosity is grounded, open and even excited. Curiosity connects you to your current self. It allows you to move beyond "I should" into "I can" or "I want " or "I need." This is a place of power! For safe and fun workouts (workouts you are likely do), ask questions like:

  • Can I go heavier?

  • Do I need help with this?

  • Why do I keep doing something I hate?

Ask as many times or as many questions as you need and wait for the answers. As you tune in, you body and mind will reveal the best choices to make. Lifting a heavier weight or resting to avoid injury, depending on what you learn about yourself, are equally strong moves.

And know this: You have the right to question yourself or anyone else at any time when it comes to your own well-being, especially with a personal trainer or a class instructor. You aren't being a pain or non-compliant, you are being a mindful caretaker of yourself. I personally loooove when clients ask me to clarify something or express a concern about what they are doing.

Learning is life-long, so always add curiosity to your training practice.

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