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Feeling the Effects of Being Cooped-Up?

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Here are some ideas and activities that I have found helpful:

1️⃣ If you are working from home, or have had to stop working, chances are you are sitting waaaaayyyy more than usual, and not taking breaks from your computer or phone as often. This decrease in activity and increase in screen-posture may leave you feeling more stiff, weak, sore or grumpy, even if you have continued exercising. Just look at this photo I took from a display at my chiropractor's office! Yeeeesh!

Maintain your physical and mental agility and a more balanced mood by moving for 3 minutes for every 30 minutes of sitting. Do this as often as you can. You don't have to do anything very strenuous. I've listed some ideas below, and you probably have some of your own. Do any one or a combo of whatever you like for 3 minutes.

🚰🥕 Walk to the kitchen and have a GLASS OF WATER, a healthy snack or both.

📬 Get your mail and take a quick walk around the outside of your house or building.

🧘🏻‍♀️ Stretch. Hamstring stretches, hip openers, mid-back openers and wrist work are especially helpful.

🏋️‍♀️Squat! Hey, once you get up from your chair and sit back down, you've already done one squat, so you might as well do 10, 15 or 20.

🐶🐱🦔 Play with your pet!

👟 Walk or run the stairs a few times.

📴 Do NOT look at your phone or computer during these 3 minutes. Relax your neck, hands, back, eyes and brain. ❌

2️⃣ If you, like me, have had periods of heightened anxiety and sadness and everything in between during these past two weeks, you may be experiencing anticipatory grief. I highly recommend this article for not only naming what a lot of us are going through, but for recognizing it in others and giving clear ways to deal with it.

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