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Spring Clean Your Exercise Practice

Spring cleaning is more than just clearing out stuff. It means feeling empowered to let something go and a deeper appreciation for what you keep. It also means enjoying the peace and renewed energy of a clutter-free space and having the pleasure of filling that space with things that make you feel good. We can do some deep cleaning of our exercise habits. Let's start with the process of letting something go. Is overtraining cluttering your space? Here are some of the things that make up a big old pile of overtraining:

  • Working out because you are afraid not to.

  • Working out while underfed or poorly nourished.

  • Working out at a frequency or intensity beyond your comfort, competence and safety (and risking injury).

  • Worsening an existing injury because you are afraid to take time off to rest and recover.

  • Working out while sleep-deprived, hungover or simply exhausted.

  • Substituting a workout for an event you would otherwise enjoy attending or need to attend.

  • Not engaging with other people or participating in events in the present moment because you are calculating calorie counts in food/drink or how many calories you need to burn.

  • Training that leads to mood changes, brain fog, muscle fatigue and/or loss, or disrupted sleep, appetite and/or menstrual cycles.

  • Physical and mental burnout to the point of being unableto engage in any kind of exercise or recreational movement.

I know that letting go of these habits can be very, very hard to do. Most of us have been taught that being a certain weight or having a particular appearance are key to our value, and that the pursuit of these is a noble cause. But these habits are so burdensome and take so much space that they can literally break your body and spirit.

Ready to let go of overtraining? Create a support system for yourself before you start:

  • Satisfying amounts of nourishing food, lots of water and sufficient rest.

  • Yoga, meditation or any other mindful practice that can help you tune in to your body.

  • People who uphold your amazing-ness without regard to weight or appearance.

  • No social media, or only accounts which make you feel inspired, not guilty or doubtful.

  • Some solid Me-Time: a nap, a good book or movie, your favorite beverage or meal, a (COVID-safe) massage, the reading club that I am offering with Liz Marino starting March 5 are some examples.

  • Anything else that makes you feel empowered and appreciative of your body and mind.

If you continue to struggle with overtraining, you may need to seek extra help, like with a therapist. In the coming month I will have a some energizing and empowering practices to add to your newly cleared space. In the meantime, I hope you find space, peace and strength in letting go.

❤️ 🧡 💙 💜 🤍 🤎 💛

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