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StrongerNow's instructors are credibly certified and insured. They work as a team to bring comprehensive, safe, challenging and effective workouts to clients. They are experienced in strength-training and circuit-style cardio training, not just as instructors, but as practitioners themselves. That means they are constantly learning and evolving and bringing their knowledge and expertise to every class they teach!

Most importantly, instructors program and lead workouts with StrongerNow's core values of training mindfully, curiously, confidently with loving care for oneself..

Mindy McHale, CPT, Owner of StrongerNow


Mindy McHale is a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise, an experienced group fitness instructor and the owner of StrongerNow Studio, a women-focused wellness studio.​​ 

Mindy programmed and taught group fitness classes for years before she opened her own studio. Here she has created the stress-free and supportive environment that allows women to discover their strengths while respecting their limitations, something she noticed was lacking in traditional gyms and fitness classes.

Mindy enjoys doing all types of workouts, but her favorites involve kettlebells and barbells. She has recently, and happily, added pilates and agility-training to her line-up. Gotta keep from falling down!

Learn more about Mindy and StrongerNow here.

Ilana Ellis-Klein, CGFI

Ilana pose 2023.jpeg

Ilana Ellis-Klein is an ACE-certified Group Fitness Instructor entering the fitness scene from a background in filmmaking and digital marketing. She has longtime experience in ballet, modern dance, Yoga, and Pilates, and has taught dance to children for three years in New York. Now, she's actively expanding into strength training, and exploring other modalities within physical and mental health. 

Ilana is passionate about the empowerment that strength training gives people of all backgrounds, but especially women and anyone who's been impacted by trauma or stigma. She's also excited by linking the arts and self-expression to physical and mental wellness experiences for participants. A fierce advocate for spaces where women can grow their strength and confidence, she feels that StrongerNow is the perfect place for her path in teaching fitness.

Kat Caringola, CGFI, GGS-CPPC

Kat Headshot 2023.jpeg

Kat Caringola is a marketing professional and an ACE-certified Group Fitness Instructor. She is also a Girls Gone Strong-certified Pre- and Post-Natal Coach.

After bouncing around from chain gym to chain gym, using only the machines she knew how to use, Kat began personal training with Mindy. She is currently a regular in the Elevate class and she looks forward to the challenge each workout presents. She feels passionate about helping to further the StrongerNow mission as a substitute instructor at StrongerNow.

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