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Six Tips For Making Sweet, Sweet Peace with Working Out - or Not- During the Holidays

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

(Updated November 14, 2021)

Does your stress increase when you realize that your regular workout schedule is being disrupted by holiday tasks, obligations and fatigue? Starting now, make exercise a means for finding patience, strength and joy. Here are 6 tips to help you do just that:

1. REMIND YOURSELF WHY EXERCISE IS GOOD. A sustainable approach to exercise (building and maintaining a strong, mobile body, self-confidence and sharp mind over your lifetime) demonstrates true, adult love for and care of yourself AND keeps you on track for your long-term progress and goals. A punitive approach (atoning for eating too much, not fitting into your clothes, etc.) can negatively affect your mindset, de-motivate you and undermine your training program.

2. ADHERE TO YOUR CURRENT WORKOUT ROUTINE AS BEST AS YOU CAN. IF YOU ARE NOW JUST CONSIDERING REGULAR EXERCISE, DON'T DELAY STARTING YOUR ROUTINE. Exercise offers many amazing benefits that can help you accomplish all you need to do with sufficient energy, satisfaction and enjoyment.

3. RESIST THE URGE TO OVERTRAIN AS A WAY TO "MAKE UP FOR" MISSED WORKOUTS AND EXTRA CALORIES CONSUMED. If you are doubling up on workouts, training at an intensity that is beyond tolerable, exercising when you are exhausted or hungover, or not giving your body enough time to repair after training, you are risking injury, sleep and hormonal disruption, and physical and mental burn-out. Any one or all of these things can reverse your workout habits and progress.

4. REMEMBER THAT THIS IS A HOLIDAY SEASON AND NOT A PERMANENT SCHEDULE CHANGE. Missed workouts and extra calories during this time will NOT derail your long-term goals and progress.

5. ENJOY YOUR WORKOUT “DISRUPTIONS!” You may have to skip workouts to celebrate with family and friends or shop for something special. Holiday cookies and other traditional foods may come around only this time of year. Try not to allow stress, shame and guilt overtake the joy of each moment.


B O N U S: Remember that for some people, the holidays can bring about feelings of sadness, loneliness and disappointment. If you know of someone who is struggling, ask them to join you on a walk, yoga class or visit.

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